Smart Pill Box

A pill box and app to optimize medication management
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A brown pill box sits against a white background. The box has a lid that is slid open to show 7 compartments, each of which has a lid.A phone with a dark blue case sites against a white background. Stuck to the back of the case, there is a bright, sky blue, rectangular box.

To elucidate the potential large-scale impact of addressing small-scale problems within the medical realm, I propose a design solution for an everyday issue: a smart pill case to aid medication management. The pill case comes as a stand-alone model as well as in the form of a phone wallet.This solution, found through the synthesis of existing technology and research, focuses on simplicity throughout the design process by maximizing ease of use, accessibility, and comfort. The design also minimizes overall cost and centers on convenience in an intuitive user experience.

Full documentation can be found here.

Two green printed circuit boards surrounded by small microcontrollers and small electrical components against a white background

To minimize size, I used Eagle to create a custom PCB for the pill box’s circuit. For a microcontroller, I used the Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840, which I connected to 14 buttons using a 16-channel multiplexer. The body of the pill boxes were modeled in Blender and 3D printed using PLA and wood-filled PLA.

Through an app linked to the smart-pill case using BLE, users can set up reminders to take medication as well as to refill the pill case. The case uses a series of sensitive buttons to determine whether or not each compartment of the box is full, allowing the app to track when users take their medication as well as when they miss doses. This log is accessible in the app.

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