Rice Coffeehouse Website

A playful, interactive website designed for Rice Coffeehouse
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Two laptops against a light blue background. The front laptop shows white text that says "Welcome to Rice Coffeehouse." The back laptop shows an image and a paragraph of text, too small to read, against a dark background.This gif shows a video of a coffeeshop tinted black in the background of white text that reads "Welcome to Rice Coffeehouse."

Rice Coffeehouse is the coffeeshop that produces the most coffee by volume in the greater Houston area. In the spring of 2021, their management employed me as a web designer and tasked me with fully recreating their website. The team sought a playful and interactive website that still clearly portrayed a large amount of information. I emphasized interactivity and a bold color scheme in my design process.

This gif shows a slideshow of polaroids. Black rectangles showing white text appear. The gif appears to scroll down to show social media embeds.This gif shows a series of images and paragraphs. The first row shows a paragraph and an image. The second row shows a large black box with text listed in 3 columns. The bottom row shows an image and a paragraph. All of the text is too small to read.
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