Presence Lamps

A pair of lamps that use orientation to control one another
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Two glowing, clear cubes sit on a white background. The left cube glows neon green, and the right cube glow cyan. They both contain microcontrollers and other electrical components along with LEDs.This gif shows two cubes. The left cube glows neon green and the right glows yellow. Both cubes contain microcontrollers and electrical components. A hand picks up a clear cube and flips it 90 degrees. The right cube then begins to glow indigo.

These paired lamps use human attraction to light to facilitate long distance communication while still maintaining privacy. The lamps connect over wifi. When one of the lamps is turned, the other lamp changes color. In use, each color would have a different meaning.

To create the lamps, I used and ESP8266 board along with an accelerometer. I used Blynk, an IoT software platform, to facilitate inter-lamp communication. For more hardware details, see below.

This image shows a list of electrical components and a schematic. The electrical components are labeled. The text reads: "Wifi development board, KEEYEES mini ESP8266 board. Bread board, Electrocookie mini PCB prototype board. Accelerometer, Wayin GY-521 MPU-6050 3 axis gyroscope and accelerometer. Voltage regulator, Firneda 4.75V-12V to 3.3V voltage regulator. Resistors, 470OHM 1/4 Watt metal film resistors (x6). Lithium polymer battery, CBB 37V 100MAH 20C LIPO battery. RGB LEDs, EDGELEC RGB LED diode common pathos (x2)."
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